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Professional Bookkeeping in Los Angeles

We offer a variety of tax reporting services for our many customers. Whether your needs are large or small, we have the staff and facility to accommodate you. We specialize in tax return preparation and are confident that we have the skills necessary to please you. Contact us for your company's bookkeeping in Los Angeles today!

Your Los Angeles, CA, Tax Return Preparation Specialists

Our tax professionals focus mainly on tax return preparation. We are trained, equipped, and experienced enough to handle the following tax return situations and more:

  • Self-employed 1099 clients
  • Individual W2 payroll employees
  • Small business tax filing
  • Large corporation tax filing

Serving Individuals, Whether Self-Employed or Payroll Employees

One of the main concerns of individuals when becoming self employed is figuring out how to file their tax returns. The rules are very different and more complex for those with 1099s rather than those with W2s. We take care of the details for you regardless of which category you fall into.

Los Angeles Accounting Professionals Equipped to Handle Your Business Needs

With us, it doesn’t matter if you are large, small, private, or corporate. We have experience in Los Angeles accounting, serving a variety of different sizes and types of businesses in more than 50 different industries. We are confident we can handle your tax return situation, regardless of what it may be.

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